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July 30, 2004
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Impact - The Wallpaper by Jammurch Impact - The Wallpaper by Jammurch
yaya... I allready published this in the digital art section. It was originally ment to be a wallpaper but I wasn't thinking and stuck it in the wrong section along with all my other space pictures. Im only going to put my favourite one in the wallpaper section untill I make more. If you want to see my others heres a [link] to my Gallery.

**old discription**
Moon smash planet
My third space picture
Photoshop 7 only
no 3D program
Me no speaky good english

Check out my gallery for more wallpapers

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Ali-C-05 Oct 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
wowowowow!! Amazing :D
Photoshop 7 only???? :omg:.....amazing.......:faint:
What stands out the most is your surrounding detail. The space is really well made, definitely a plus in my book. Though the planets, well i think you can agree with me, need lots of work.

Thats the only downfall of this picture. The small planet has a weird cheese like texture, it looks more like one of those kittie balls with the holes in them, maybe with a bell in the middle =P

Anyway, the explosion isn't an explosion. Thats the part i think you can agree to most. You've basically just added a blur to a texture or cloud picture and layed it over the top. That doesn't represent an explosion. Thats the only true turn off for me. The rings on the large planet need to be fixed. It seems that the last few rings seem to be erased quite a lot. also the far inside rings need to be removed, the first 3.

Nice start, bright idea, sorry to make it sound bad.
Jammurch Aug 2, 2004   Digital Artist
Ya your right. Actually the "explosion" was an accident. I took the planet layer and applyed a radial-zoom blur to it and it sorta looked like an explosion so i kept it. and as for the rings this was just a test to see how i to make rings. they look erased because the layer they are on is linear light. the rings went on somthing dark and didn't show up as good.
Very nicely done. But I also agree, adding a shock wave would make it ten times more realistic.
Good wall overall but it a bit flat where the planets impact :)
Good job, but I agree, a shock wave would prolly do nicely.
Looks good, try adding a shockwave for more realism. I like the nebulae too. Nice work
Jammurch Jul 30, 2004   Digital Artist
Good idea il make a shock wave.
Infact why dont I make it an asteroide instead of a moon.
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